Inflatable kayaks are stable, secure, manageable and easily packable. Kayaks for recreation are designed for sailing on calm water, such as lakes or sea bays. Kayaks for tourism will use for day trips or traveling on rivers with a lower degree of difficulty. Whitewater kayaks are designed for experienced paddlers river rides with a higher degree of difficulty.

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kayak AQUADESIGN Epyx 380kayak AQUADESIGN Epyx 380

kayak AQUADESIGN Epyx 380

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The Epyx 380 is the ideal inflatable kayak for the summer, going up to river class II, it is also the beach kayak par excellence.
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Packraft YUPIK AquadesignPackraft YUPIK Aquadesign

Packraft YUPIK Aquadesign

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530 €
The Aquadesign PVC Packraft is ideal for those starting out. More affordable and resistant than TPU packrafts, the PVC PACKRAFT is…