Inflatable boats are stowable and unsinkable. Many types are produced, from single-seater kayaks to canoes, rafts and inflatable motor boats. With inflatable boats, you will encounter a big difference in the quality of materials and construction - from cheap inflatable toys to top inflatable boats, which with their properties are close to solid boats.

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kayak AQUA MARINA Betta 312kayak AQUA MARINA Betta 312

kayak AQUA MARINA Betta 312

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Recreational family kayak for one person, which is great for beginners and intermediate paddlers. Model 2023.
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KAJAK K1 GUMOTEX - K1 a K2 jsou obratné kajaky do peřejnatých řek. Díky stabilnímu trupu lodě jsou však vhodné i pro výuku pádlování.
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Kayak AQUA MARINA Steam 312Kayak AQUA MARINA Steam 312

Kayak AQUA MARINA Steam 312

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Kayak AQUA MARINA Steam 312 - The newly re-designed STEAM series is a premium choice for all types of paddling, perfect for both…